Amelia Bloomer, Fashionista and Women’s Rights Advocate

History Imagined

I couldn’t let March come to an end without having History Imagined pay homage to National Women’s History Month, established in 1987 by a declaration of Congress after several years of hard work from the National Women’s History Project. That organization’s goal is “Writing women back into history,” so I thought I’d take the opportunity to turn the spotlight on one of the early women’s rights reformers, Amelia Bloomer, who made an appearance in my first book, The Reluctant Debutante. My heroine, Ginger Fitzpatrick, idolized Amelia Bloomer and tried to, in her own way, become a feminist as well. But Ginger was only one of a large following that had gathered around Amelia and other outspoken women searching for equal rights.AmeliaBloomer-sig

Born Amelia Jenks in May of 1818, she received only a few years of formal education locally before becoming a teacher in a school and also performed duties as…

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