#NewRelease ~ Jenna Jaxon’s Seduction at the Christmas Court, Capt. Jack’s Interview, and #Giveaway!

Raisin' the Signal Flag

Author Jenna Jaxon is celebrating her #NewRelease, Seduction at the Christmas Court. Hop aboard for a seasonal voyage to 1349 and a Yuletide celebration in King Edward III’s court after Jack has his way with Lady Jenna. ARR!!!

jack-sparrowJack: “Lady Katherine, I confess I have the best luck interviewing wenches… I mean authors. Quite satisfying, savvy. Today’s quarry… ‘er fortunate guest is Author Jenna Jaxon. A prolific writer, to be sure.” Jack preens. “Ahem. Lady Jenna, I’d like to start off my interview by asking ye this: Where does your compass point to?”

Jenna: “Due North. I have to orient myself and everything I do with that in mind, even though I’m a Southerner born!”

Jack: “Southern? Lady Katherine is from the south, Texas bred. (No accent, savvy.) Claims sailin’ the world as a child influenced her speech. I can tell ye what influences a pirate—besides rum—pieces of eight. Significant treasure, to be…

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