Holiday Gift Giving and the Release of Mr. Darcy’s Present + Giveaway

Every Woman Dreams...

Most people today think of the three gifts of gold, frankincense, and myrrh as being the original “Christmas presents.” However, we must recall that during the Roman ritual, known as Saturnalia, gifts were exchanged. The pagan rituals demanded that “generosity would be rewarded with good fortune in the coming year.” During the early stages of Christianity, most Christian converts still celebrated their old Roman holidays. When Christmas became an official date on the calendar (approximately the 4th Century A.D.), it was natural to carry over the tradition of giving presents, especially as “Christmas” and “Saturnalia” were celebrated at about the same time of the year. However, that being said, gift giving and the Christmas spirit were not always compatible.

Gift giving on New Year’s Day was a common practice during the Roman rule. This tradition began in the Dark Ages and continued in Britain through Queen Victoria’s reign. saint-nicholas6To this…

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